Intruder Alert

Intruder Alert is a tactic stalker game. With S Pen we draw path for our Hero, who has to collect all objects on map and avoid guards.

Game features:

  • colorful graphics
  • 10 unique level
  • simple control
  • usage of S Pen

Space Hell is a 3D shooter/platformer game
Space Hell is a 3D shooter/platformer game

Monsters & Bones

You are an alien on a mission, drive a vehicle and use it to kidnap and transport the monsters. Your task is to feed them in a specific order but hurry up - they can die of hunger quickly. You encounter a lot of various pitfalls during your mission, thus your brain cells will be activated often..

"Monsters & Bones is a wonderfully unique and challenging game. It has an original concept that will undoubtedly have you hooked before long. This one is not to be missed."
- AppAdvice

"Monsters & Bones is undoubtedly one of the most unique action puzzle games in the $0.99 price tier."
- iFanzine

The game with 40 levels, 2 worlds and a large dose of untypical humor. Traditional animation supported by physics.

Monsters & Bones
Monsters & Bones


"BeCareful" is a simple arcade game with colorful graphics and addictive gameplay that requires logic and skill. 10 levels of pure fun, help you spend some awesome time with your samsung galaxy note pen. Use your pen and platform to deliver buliding materials to the top of the tower in the time limit, the faster you do that, the more extra points you get. But you must be careful, the platform is unstable and it's easy to loose your cargo.
Good luck!

Death Land

Death Land is a Third person perspective shooter game. The aim of the game is to eliminate the highest number of enemies, using weapons that can be found on the game level.

Space Hell is a 3D shooter/platformer game
Space Hell is a 3D shooter/platformer game

Space Hell

Space Hell is a 3D shooter/platformer game. One of the games innovations is to connect 3D graphics with fast 2D physics simulation.

High quality physics simulation made it possible to create interesting, interactive environment. Main game character can move objects and destroy them. Thanks to that many unexpected situations may occure, for example after main hero will destroy a bridge that hangs over his enemies, it will fall on them and destroy them.

A strong attention to detail is obvious in level and character design. Many special effects has been used like: advanced particle system, light glow, light-mapping.

All this elements make Space Hell an interesting and light platformer game.

Space Hell is a 3D shooter/platformer game

Speed Forge

It’s 2142, and the colonization of Mars is underway. Vast settlements have been created to house miners seeking the valuable raw materials of the Red Planet. Crime is rampant, time is abundant and the citizens are looking for some entertainment ...

Prepare for a frantic race along the stunning Martian surface in advanced hovercrafts. Rock crashing explosions, super-powerful weaponry and immersive environments to increase the excitement at every opportunity!

Boost onto Mars with 12 diverse racing tracks, each with exquisite 3D visuals. A strong attention to detail is obvious in all vehicles and level design. iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3G benefit from full screen motion blur, making you feel the speed! Use rockets, guns and mines to take out your opponents during the fast-paced race. Do whatever it takes to be first!

Space Hell is a 3D shooter/platformer game
Space Hell is a 3D shooter/platformer game
Space Hell is a 3D shooter/platformer game

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